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About us

Our daily work is to give our customers professional and competent advise on customized solutions to promote savings and energy efficient solutions through LED technology.

We have the experience, methodology and R & D aimed at offering the best service and advice to our customers (installers, engineers and distributors).

We have an extensive nationwide sales network to meet the needs of the domestic market. Since 2014 we are in process of expansion into foreign markets starting with the emerging Latin American market and expanding to the African, Asian and Arab markets.

This department is the responsible of making all lighting studies and projects and advising customers, which is necessary to ensure compliance with the regulations of each requested project.

Research, Development & Innovation Department
Our R+D+I department is responsible of the control and technical development of our products. We have recently developed an innovative lighting control system that complies with all applicable regulations, putting us at the forefront of such technologies.
This lighting control system also performs the tasks of temperature control, ensuring that all our products undergo a thermographic test where operating temperatures thereof are controlled to ensure optimal functionality of the product throughout its lifetime. Additionally, we have implemented a new overheating protection system for outdoor lighting products to protect equipment in case of overheating.